We build WordPress websites for the construction industry and craftspeople.

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Stand out from the crowd.

Construction and craftspeople have been around for thousands of years. There’s no shortage of contractors, designers, tinkerers, and builders. So, with all this competition, how does your work cut through the noise? How do you catch the attention of potential customers?

Just because your profession is ancient, your image doesn’t have to be!

It all starts with your website.

In this day and age, your website is the “front door” for your business. It’s the first place people go to check out your work. It tells visitors — potential clients — who you are and what you do. For many people, it’s their first impression of your business.

So, shouldn’t your website look professional? Shouldn’t it tell (and show) people the value you provide?

We can help you with that.

I was in the construction industry in my previous life. I spent 14 years as a project manager on numerous commercial projects.

When I was looking to hire a subcontractor, the first thing I did was visit their website. And more times than not, their website was…well, not good (to be polite). So, I figured I could help with that.

I'm Brandon, the guy behind Artisan Digital.

We’re not a large, commercial digital agency. In fact, it’s just me.

I speak the “language” of construction. I know the type of information people are visiting your websites for. And I know how to build simple, responsive, easy-to-maintain WordPress sites that are perfect for your needs. More importantly, they’re perfect for your potential clients.

Your website doesn’t have to be as old as your industry. And I can help you with that!

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Website Design & Development

We build turnkey websites in WordPress. It can be a completely new site or an upgrade to your old site.

Copywriting & Content

We write website copy, email marketing campaigns, project proposals, newsletters, blog articles, etc.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We’ll create, implement and manage your email marketing or social media marketing campaigns.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

We host your website, make updates and take care of the routine maintenance. All for a flat monthly rate.

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